Irish music and dance: The Ard Macha (Armagh) Fleadh


I was cleaning out some papers today and I came across this little poem I wrote over 12 years ago when I was living in Ireland. It brought a smile …

“How’s about ye?”
They say with a grin
“One more couple needed…”
“…You’re welcome in”

“What set are we dancing?”
“Clare Lancers” , they say
A grand way to finish
At the end of the day

The sun is just setting
Pastels paint the sky
Birds in their thousands
Hovering high

We’re at the Fleadh
An Irish tradition
Of fiddles and flutes
And pints goin’ missin’

Tiny and packed
Full of gents and ladies
The McEntees Pub
In the small town of Keady

The banjo and tin whistle
The smoke and the craic
Old songs and ballads
Find me drifting back

To a time where life
Moved slower apace
Where friendship and chat
Was less of a race

Now perched on my stool
I’m getting that feeling
Surveying the crowd
Gently rocking and reeling

The auld fellas smile
At the tunes that they play
A grand way to finish
The end of a day

10 June 2001
Nora Stewart
Irish Bliss
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