Learning Irish dance steps from YouTube

I often see lovely steps on YouTube I’d love to learn – like this one from Mick Mulkerrin:

But for someone like me, this is just a bit too fast to start learning from.

Technology not only allows generous dancers to film and post great steps, but also helps  to S-L-O-W it all down – both the images and the sound- like this:

It does sound a bit strange with the slowed down audio- a bit like a horror movie- but don’t mess with this as you’ll need the sound of the feet to help guide you with the rhythm of the steps.

TIP: The key to learning new steps is to break it down into simple parts but ALWAYS do it with the rhythm of the music – even if you just hum the music to yourself rather than having the music playing.


Slowing YouTube instructionsI have used this technique to learn quite a few steps and dance routines, including the very gorgeous traditional step dance, The Priest In His Boots.

I hope you find it helpful.

NEXT WEEK: The Heel of The Reel – I haven’t forgotten this follow up to my earlier post How Backwards Can Help You Go Forwards.

Nora Stewart
Irish Bliss

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