6 simple Irish dances for your Christmas party

Sharing Irish dancing with my friends and non-dancers is something I love to do, AND it needs to be very, very easy.

Here, I am featuring three of the 6 different Irish dance styles with videos and instructions that are linked to each dance name so you can follow along.

  1. Irish set dancing figures
  2. Irish two hand dancing
  3. Irish céilí dancing

If you’re really keen and this is your first time getting people dancing, see my next post How to work with your party crowd who are keen to dance (and have probably had a few drinks)…

IRISH SET DANCES: Dance with as many pairs as you like in a circle

1. Melleray Lancers Set 7th Figure: POLKAS

2. Maggie in the Woods: Connemara Set 4th Figure: REELS


3. Shoe The Donkey : MAZURKA

4. Peeler and the Goat: POLKAS or JIGS

IRISH CÉILÍ DANCES:  Dancing in pairs, organised into lines of two & four

5. Siege of Ennis : JIGS

6. Walls of Limerick: REELS


Matt Cunningham has great music recorded specifically for many of these dances and has a great range of CDs to choose from – have a look. Alternatively, choose suitable speed & length polkas, jigs and reels from your own collection. Even better, hire a band!

My sincere thanks to all those who have taken the time to post dance videos & dance instructions- we love sharing!

Happy dancing this Christmas.

Nora Stewart
Irish Bliss

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3 thoughts on “6 simple Irish dances for your Christmas party

  1. Hello Nora and Martin 2015 has been a very enjoyable year for Traditional Irish music Set and Ceili dance and sean-nos. Please God 2016 will bring us good health to enjoy lots more dancing.
    Wishing you A Very Happy and safe Christmas and New year from all the dancers in Melbourne Quiet Man, The Claddagh & Comhaltas Melbourne Branch
    ”Around the floor and mind the dresser”
    Mary Fitzmaurice McBride

    • Thank-you, Mary. A great pleasure to see you this year Wishing you, your family and all in Melbourne Comhaltas a happy christmas. Nora & Martin

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