Vote for Your Top 5 Irish Céilí Bands

Great music is the partner to great dancing, and to celebrate the vibrant music we lucky dancers and music fans have available, I thought it was time have a poll to find out what you think.

Putting this list of 157 céilí bands* together has been a real eye-opener, with your suggestion to include bands from as far back at the 1950’s, some I’ve never heard of but have won All-Ireland places in the Fleadh Cheoil  over the years or come from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and yes, even Australia!

* I have added 29 new bands to the list since opening the poll, including merging Awbeg & Five Counties as the same band. To those people who added entries into “Other”, I have your votes covered and they will be included in the final count- thank-you.


You can vote for up to five (5) of your favourite céilí bands on the list by clicking the box next to each name and you can also  add one at the bottom if your preference is not listed. The list of bands is in alphabetical order,  and “The” has been left of all the band names.(If any of the information listed is incorrect, please let me know politely and I will make changes.)

The poll will be open for voting for 1 week and full results will be published here at Irish Bliss on St.Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2015 In the meantime,you can check the progressive results by clicking on “View Results” at the bottom of the list, bottom left side corner.

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Happy voting!

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Nora Stewart
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14 thoughts on “Vote for Your Top 5 Irish Céilí Bands

  1. If it’s “Vote Your Top 5 Irish Céilí Bands” why are there non-Irish bands (Scottish, USA etc) included? Just wondering! Maybe you should change the name or something 🙂

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