Wanna Be Irish St.Patrick’s Day? Dance, Don’t Drink

I love my Irish heritage – very proud of that and no more than on St.Patrick’s Day, when everyone wants to be Irish for the day. It does feel sad to me, however, that despite such a rich, creative and complex culture, that it all seems to boil down to one thing on the one day: drink.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy a glass of wine or two, have been known to enjoy the odd Irish coffee and love mellow Irish hot whiskeys in the winter.

But not when I’m dancing. If you ever want to feel like you’re really part of a slow-motion 3D movie, then half a dozen pints and then on to dance the Clare Plain Set is your man.

Most people who’ve been dancing a long time recognise that dancing and drinking don’t really mix, and the ones that don’t, look in the mirror the next morning and hope nobody recognises them.

Yes, there are many, many world-famous, high profile Irish beverage brands- and good luck to them. However, I think it’s time to replace that mind-altering numbness and Irish stereotype with something that really makes you feel ALIVE ALIVE! Alive, Alive-o!

3 Simple Dances You Can Do For St.Patrick’s day fun

Shoe The Donkey – dance with a friend + extra music here

The Peeler and The Goat dance with a friend

Sean Nós Billy – four simple steps for you to learn with your friends

Heart that floats,
Feet that dance,
The spirit is willing,
So take a chance!


Wishing you all a happy and healthy St.Patrick’s Day.
Nora Stewart
Irish Bliss

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